Grove City Veterinary Hospital

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Our Staff


Diane Downing, RVT

Diane is a Registered Veterinary Technician who has been working at The Grove City Veterinary Hospital since 1979. Her wealth of knowledge and experience means that she can and has done just about everything in the clinic aside from being a vet. She manages our inventory for us, placing orders to ensure we have what we need at all times to treat your pets. These days she is found most often answering the phones and checking patients in and out at the front desk. Over the years Diane has formed strong bonds and friendships with many of our clients, and their pets. 

Diane is married to husband Jack. She has a special love for coonhound type dogs which she affectionately called "cutehounds."  



Hanna Collins, RVT

Hanna is a Registered Veterinary Technician. She graduated from the Columbus State Community College's RVT program in 2011 and hired in at The Grove City Veterinary Hospital in March 2012. Hanna loves the technical aspects of being a Registered Veterinary Technician. She especially enjoys surgery and dentistry for our canine and feline patients. She loves that she can send a pet home with a healthier mouth than when the pet came in on the day of their dental procedure. Hanna also enjoys diagnostics such as taking x-rays, performing ear cytology, and urinalysis. Performing diagnostics adds more information to the puzzle of the mystery of a pet's illness to help the veterinarian form a treatment plan. 

Hanna is married to Paul. She has 3 cats named Pepper, Quintin, and Gixxer. She also has a Great Dane named Dominic, and she keeps a saltwater aquarium as well. 



Cassie Schram, RVT

Cassie is a Registered Veterinary Technician. She attended Columbus State Community College's RVT program as well. Prior to joining our team in 2015 she worked at the Franklin County Dog Shelter for 19 years, and she also has some experience with research projects. Cassie enjoys getting to know our clients and their pets. In just the few years she has been here she has formed strong bonds with several clients. She is a go-getter and can be found working in many different aspects of the hospital from surgery, to day-stay patient care, to working with clients and pets during their appointments with one of our veterinarians. 

Cassie is married to a firefighter, Kris, and they have 3 teenage children. Billy is their dog, he is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier mix. 



Kim Barnhill, Client Care

Kim joined The Grove City Veterinary Hospital's team in October 2016. She came to us after 20 years working in the corporate world. While she had no veterinary medicine experience, other than what she knew by caring for her own dogs, she fit right in as part of the team! Kim's positive attitude will greet you as you and your pet walk in the door, and also when she answers your phone calls. In her years working with us she has learned so much, and she keeps learning every day. 

Kim is married to her husband Rich, and has an adult daughter Brittany who is engaged. They share their home with 5 dogs, all them are Beagle mixes. Penny, Piggie, Milo, Rascal, and Ruby. 



Sonya Giguere, Client Care

Sonya joins our team as a Customer Service Representative assisting our clients in many ways. She continues to learn every day, and is eager to help our clients in their pet care needs. Sonya has spent time working at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in their education department, and also participated in an internship at a wildlife rehab center in northern Ohio called Nature's Nursery. In 2019 Sonya and her husband adopted Benji, a young orange and white shorthair from the humane society. Welcome to the team Sonya! 



Hannah Fetty, Veterinary Assistant

Hannah's love of all animals brought her to The Grove City Veterinary Hospital. She occasionally finds herself taking in stray cats, or helping orphaned wildlife to get to an approved care facility. Her own dog is even a stray that she rescued shortly after giving birth to a litter of puppies. Hannah loves to learn new things. Since joining our team in March 2018 she has gained many new skills in communicating and sharing educational information with clients, animal handling and body language, and performing diagnostics. She loves building bonds with clients and their pets. There are even some dogs who wag their whole body when they see Hannah! 

She has recently started taking classes at Columbus State Community College. 

Her dog Ginger is a shepherd mix, and she also has a Chihuahua mix named Jackson who she grew up with as a family pet. 



Alayna Simison, Veterinary Assistant

Alayna joined our team in May 2019, just as she was graduating from The Ohio State University's pre-veterinary medicine program. She will start classes at The Ohio State University's College of Veterinary Medicine this fall. She will be pursuing her doctorate degree to become a veterinarian. Alayna has been a positive addition to our team, she is eager to work with our clients and their pets. She has a special interest in pet nutrition and enjoys helping clients understand their pet's nutritional needs. 

Alayna will be marrying her fiance Zachary in July. Together they have a Golden Retriever puppy named Lady. 


Kerstin Molinar, Veterinary Assistant

Kerstin has spent her entire life around animals. Aside from dogs and cats she grew up with her family's horses, chickens, ducks, peacocks, and other farm animals. She says "I can't imagine my life without animals. Not just owning them, but working with them on a daily basis too." Kerstin attended The Ohio State University as an Animal Science major and has decided to pursue further education to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. She will begin taking classes for the RVT degree at Columbus State Community College in Fall 2019. 

Kerstin's skills include performing diagnostics, client education, helping the Dr. in the exam room during appointments, as well as helping the front desk staff to answer phones, make appointments, check clients in or out. She is a great all-around team player. 

Kerstin was married in May 2019 to her husband, Bleu. She has a Beagle named Millie and a Great Pyr named Goliath. 



Miranda Adams, Practice Manager

Miranda moved from Indiana in spring 2013 and joined the team at The Grove City Veterinary Hospital in May 2013. She came to us trained as a veterinary assistant and receptionist from her previous veterinary employer. She gained new skills here at GCVH, learning about surgery, and animal handling techniques, and animal body language. She loved the way that GCVH handles their patients in a kind, low stress, and fear free manner. 

Miranda eventually transitioned to working primarily as a client care specialist at our front desk. She enjoyed helping clients with their pet's care needs through phone conversations, or in person conversations. She really developed leadership skills, and started taking on new tasks and roles. She is now our practice manager and assists the team with day to day business, and still enjoys connecting with clients and their pets. 

Miranda lives with her long time partner, Eric. They have a cat named Johnny, a Boxer named Gabe, and a small flock of chickens.  




Gimpy is our office cat. He was brought in by a kind person who found him in a farm field and noticed his limp.  The person who found Gimpy wasn't able to keep him, so Dr. Mayberry decided to make him our office cat. We took x-rays of his leg to try and determine the cause of his limp and discovered that his limp was caused by an old and healed injury to his foreleg. When the injury healed it caused his foreleg to be shorter than all his other legs, causing the limp. It took Gimpy many years to be learn to be a nice office cat. He still has an opinion about most things, and can often be heard vocalizing about how we aren't paying enough attention to him (in his opinion!) 

We believe that Gimpy is about 14 years old, though we don't know for sure. He has had some dental disease and has had to have some of his teeth extracted. You may see him sitting on the treatment table getting a drink of water from the faucet or sitting and "supervising" our work.