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Please note: If you are a new client, this form is NOT a request for an appointment. If you are a new client, or your pet has never been seen at our facility before you will need to call 614-875-4321 to speak with a staff member to schedule your appointment. 

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Check any situations listed below that your pet has shown avoidance or dislike of in the past. You can add additional comments at the end of this form.
Getting in their carrier or the car
Entering the Veterinary Hospital
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Waiting with other people and animals in the waiting area
Being approached by veterinary staff
Getting on the scale for a weight
Hearing the doorbell, overhead intercom, or phones ringing
Sounds coming from the back areas of the practice
Going into the exam room
Being put up on the table for examination
Having direct eye contact with the technician and/or veterinarian
Loud voices during examination
Having a rectal temperature taken
The use of instruments such as the stethoscope or otoscope (to look into the ears)
Being taken out of the exam room for procedures
How and where does your pet travel in the car? (carrier, seatbelt, loose, ect.)

How does your pet behave in the car?

Does your pet show any signs of nausea with car travel, such s drooling or vomiting?

How would you describe your pet around other animals and people?

Does your pet have any sensitive areas that he does not like to have touched or examined by your or others?

Are there any procedures your pet has not liked having performed at the veterinary hospital in the past or that seemed difficult for you or the staff to do? (Nail trims, temperature, ear exam, blood draw, ect.)

Does your pet like to play with toys? If so what kinds?

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