Grove City Veterinary Hospital

4350 Grove City Rd.
Grove City, OH 43123


Making the trip to the veterinary hospital "fear free." From

Tip 1: Give any prescribed anti-nausea or anti-anxiety medications or supplements as prescribed by your vet. 

Tip 2: Cats should be resting comfortably in their carrier before being placed in the vehicle. Walk dogs to the car on leash. Like cats, small dogs can get in the carrier indoors and be carried to the car. Give yourself plenty of time to get your pet loaded into their carrier, and time for them to acclimate to resting comfortably in the carrier before loading into the car. 

Tip 3: Cats often benefit from having a blanket or towel draped over their carrier to create a dark area to simulate a calming environment.

Tip 4: When transporting a pet in a carrier, minimize movement. Avoid carrying the carrier by the handle, it causes lots of swinging motion. Carry the carrier as if you were carrying a fragile gift. This helps the pet feel more secure and ensures that there isn't eye-to-eye contact with other animals as you walk into the hospital. 

Tip 5: Prepare the car to promote a calming travelling environment. Play calming music such as Through a Dog's Ear, or an audiobook. Apply species specific pheromones at least 10 minutes prior to loading your pet into the car. Cool the car in the warmer months, warm the car in the cooler months before putting your pet inside. 

Tip 6: For pets in carriers, properly secure in the vehicle. Non-slip surface in and under the carrier/crate or on the car seat. 

Tip 7: Avoid feeling rushed, if you are stressed, your pet will sense this and become stressed

Tip 8: To prevent carsickness, accelerate slowly from a stop, allow extra distance between other vehicles to prevent sudden breaking, and take turns slowly. 

Tip 9: Cats need five to 10 minutes to adjust to their new surroundings and feel safe. If you cannot avoid waiting in the lobby, place your cat's carrier on an elevated surface and cover the front and sides with a pheromone-infused towel. Depending on you dog's preferences you might wait with them in your car, take a short walk, or wait in the lobby. Finding the location that helps your pet be the most calm is the best when having to wait for an exam room to be available.