Grove City Veterinary Hospital

4350 Grove City Rd.
Grove City, OH 43123


Our promise to you...


To protect and strengthen the human-animal bond by providing compassionate and knowledgeable care to you, our client, and to your beloved pets.  

*We strive to provide high-quality veterinary care to your pets.
*We strive to keep your pets free from pain.
*We want your pet to live as long and happy and healthy life as possible.
*We strive to educate you as to how to help your pet live the best life.

*We promise to give you choices and allow you to make the best, informed decision as to your pet's care.
*We will always provide detailed treatment plans so that you may plan accordingly for your pet's care.
*We promise to customize our services to your individual pet. No two pets are alike or have exactly the same health situations or medical, nutritional, behavioral needs.
*We strive to treat your pet as a unique individual, by tailoring our care to your pet's specific needs.