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Laser Surgery

What is a laser?

A laser is a device that produces an extremely powerful and concentrated beam of light. In fact, our surgical laser creates a beam that is even more powerful than a similarly-sized beam leaving the surface of the sun. There are many exciting uses for lasers in medicine, manufacturing, space exploration, research telecommunications, and for military applications. Years of experience in veterinary and human medicine went into the design of the medical laser, which was made specifically to provide superior care for pets.

What is laser surgery and how does it work?

Traditional surgery with a scalpel or scissors can bruise or crush tissue. When we use the laser, only an intense beam of laser light touches the tissue, which minimizes the pain, swelling, and bleeding often associated with surgery. The laser has the unique ability to vaporize or "erase" tissue. The laser can be used to make incisions, as well as to erase unhealthy tissue. The laser beam seals nerve endings, so patients are more comfortable after surgery. Not only does the laser kill any bacteria in its path, it also seals the lymph nodes, so there is less swelling post-operatively.

What are the advantages of laser surgery?

  • Less pain and swelling promote a quicker recovery
  • Less bleeding simplifies surgery, and may reduce the need of anesthesia
  • Sanitizing effect of the laser beam lowers the risk of infection
  • Less overall trauma for the patient

Laser Surgery Versatility

The laser is ideal for a wide variety of surgical procedures for dogs, cats, reptiles, exotics, and other pets. Laser surgery is commonly used in soft-tissue surgical procedures.

Common procedures include:

  • Oral/dental surgery
  • Spays & Neuters
  • Dermatology Problems
  • Opthalmic Surgery
  • Abdominal Surgery
  • Tissue Removal