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Here is a list of our favorite behavior forms!  We will probably recommend that you come to this page and print out these forms or read them online to gain a better understanding of your pets and his behavior.  

File NameDescription / Comment
10 life threatening behavior myths in dogsDo you think puppy classes pose health risks? Does your dog seem to act angry with you? Do you punish your dog? If so, read on and see the truth behind these and other common misconceptions when it comes to dogs? behavior.
Canine Body LanguageOur furry friends are trying to tell us something! Are we listening?
Canine Mounting BehaviorThis article helps to explain this perplexing and embarrassing behavior!
Checklist for Puppy SocializationIt is important that your puppy have tons of POSITIVE experiences in these areas. We can help if your puppy needs some extra work.
Dr. Yin's Top 10 Dog Training TipsDr. Sophia Yin is a world renowned veterinary behaviorist. We strongly recommend her methods and suggestions!
Getting your puppy off to the perfect start!This comprehensive guide demonstrates perfectly how to get your puppy off to the right start. By Sophia Yin
Housebreaking your dogA quick and simple guide with advice on this frustrating task
Litterbox from Your Cat's Point of ViewCat having bathroom issues? If a medical problem has been ruled out, this guide is perfect for keeping your cat happy
Parent Guide to keeping your kids safe around dogsby Doggone Crazy, demonstrates body language and how to approach dogs
Preventing Aggression Over Possessions and Food inHow to train your puppy and to prevent them from becoming aggressive over food and other possessions.
Teach your puppy the right way to playPuppies can play rough. So to ensure a lifetime of safe and happy interactions, learn how to play appropriately with your new puppy from the start.
Training Dogs to LOVE their CratesThis great article by Sophia Yin is perfect!
What Indoor Cats NeedA comprehensive list on how to keep our indoor cats happy and healthy!
Why Punishment Fails; What works BetterPunishment only create more anxiety. Here are some alternatives